Can the GOP Unseat Reid?

Republicans are ready to take aim at Senate Majority leader Harry Reid, whose growing unpopularity in his home state and increasing involvement in partisan battles make him an appealing target. But Reid has a powerful supporter in his bid for re-election: President Obama agreed to help fundraise for Reid, who is crucial to his political agenda. Though only 35 percent of Nevadans polled said they would vote for Reid in 2010, the senator has made it clear he will raise a record $25 million for his campaign, and is working to foster a less liberal image. He supported the firearms in national parks provision and broke with the administration by not supporting the closure of Guantanamo's detention facility. But Republicans aren't scared: “We view this race as highly competitive, if not the most highly competitive race for a seat held by a Democratic incumbent today,” said the political director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee.