Can Charles Saatchi Strike Art Gold Again?

Charles Saatchi is preparing for his first group show of British artist at his new Chelsea gallery, but can the powerhouse art collector recreate his golden touch to launch relative unknowns into coveted commodities in this economic climate? In the past Saatchi has been responsible for creating an entire generation of Young British Artists who have struck it rich. The collector recently fell to number 72 in ArtReview's "Power 100" list, but he's continued to rake in millions at Christie's auctions. Newspeak: British Art Now, featuring one of Saatchi's acolytes, is currently showing at the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. “Newspeak doesn’t have the coarseness or brutality of much of the work from the Sensation period,” says Saatchi, “but there are quite a few good artists coming out of Britain, so I hope we produce a round-up that will stop people asking if British Art has been sat in a lay-by since the YBAs.”