Campus Police Officer Shot in Detroit

A suspect has been taken into custody after reportedly shooting a campus police officer in the head in Detroit on Tuesday night. The K-9 officer, Collin Rose, 29, works for Wayne State University and was reportedly out of surgery and fighting for his life. Police said Rose was patrolling near the university’s campus when he radioed to say he was looking into thefts from vehicles. A backup officer then arrived to find Rose on the ground, Wayne State Police Chief Anthony Holt said at a press conference after the incident. Detroit Police said the shooting happened at about 6:45 p.m. The identity of the suspect has not yet been released, but he is thought to be the person of interest police were initially seeking. He was described as a black male in his forties who was stopped on his bicycle by the officer just before shots were fired. “He was outside, in front. The officer was trying to get his hands behind his back. We heard a shot and the officer went down, and we heard two more shots,” Betty Evans, a resident who said she witnessed the shooting, told the Detroit Free Press.