Health Scare

Camp Swine Flu

Summer camps around the country are turning into boot camps for proper hygiene as directors confront the swine-flu pandemic. At Camp Matoka in Maine, for example, campers receive temperature checks, are given bottles of hand sanitizer, and the serving staff wears masks. “We’ve never had flu in the summer like this,” Dr. Dora Anne Mills, Maine’s public health director, told the New York Times. “We have 33 camps in Maine with outbreaks, and another 10 in the pipeline being tested. Some of them have 70 to 100 kids in isolation, so they’re running shadow camps for them.” Similar outbreaks have occurred in other states as well: one camp in Georgia canceled its first session due to a number of sick counselors while Vermont's Camp Killooleet sent everyone home for a week after as many as 15 kids grew ill within days.