Cameron Douglas Sentenced to 5 Years

Cameron Douglas was sentenced to five years in prison for conspiring to sell crystal meth and for possessing heroin, People reports. The son of actor Michael Douglas was granted a "last chance to make it," the judge said, noting that he reviewed more than two dozen letters written on Douglas' behalf. Two of those came from his parents, who said they had failed their son, now 31. Michael Douglas wrote to the judge that during his son's incarceration, "I have cherished my two hr. a week in person conversation with Cameron at the MCC [Metropolitan Correctional Center]. He's sober!...I get to witness the wonderful young man he can be. He maintains his spirit, blames no one but himself, and recognizes his criminal activity began with his heroin use." The letter may have helped; the advisory sentence is typically 10 years. The younger Douglas told the judge he is grateful for the chance to get sober for the first time in his adult life.