Cameron Apologizes to U.K. Women

British Prime Minister David Cameron is in the doghouse. In a bid not to alienate female voters, Cameron on Sunday apologized for comments he made to two female Parliament members that have been criticized as sexist. In April, Angela Eagle, Parliament's most prominent lesbian MP, interrupted Cameron's defense of National Health Service reforms, and Cameron told her: "Calm down, dear, calm down. Calm down and listen to the doctor." Last month, Tory backbencher Nadine Dorries called on Cameron to show his deputy Nick Clegg "who's the boss" on abortion reform, but Cameron responded by joking that he "knew" she was "very frustrated." Now, Cameron said at a party conference, "It came out wrong and I deeply, deeply regret that. I apologize for that and I want to put that right." He insisted that he's not just "one of the lads."