Calorie Counts to Invade Movie Theaters, Airplanes

You may think twice about scarfing down those movie theater nachos when you learn just how many calories they contain: In accordance with the recently enacted health-care overhaul, the government is requiring movies theaters, airplanes, trains, convenience and grocery store food courts, and countless other purveyors of foods and snacks to post calorie counts of their offerings. While nutrition advocates are celebrating this news, the industries required to pony up nutrition information aren’t thrilled. Asked Gary Klein, a vice president for a group representing theater owners: "People don't go to movie theaters for the primary purpose of eating... Why aren't ballparks covered? You think the food served at ballparks is healthy?" The answer: Ballparks are not covered because they aren’t considered chain enterprises—i.e., businesses selling food that have 20 or more locations.