California Mudslide Sends Woman’s House Flying Downhill—With Her Inside

A mudslide in Sausalito, California, swept 76-year-old Susan Gordon's home off its foundation and sent it careening downhill with her still inside, CNN reports. “It just happened too fast. I did not know what was going on,” Gordon told the news outlet. “I was on the second floor. I heard something. I started looking for my phone...I tried to dig my way out any way I could. Within two minutes, one of my neighbors, I don't know who it was, came by and he called 911.” Gordon said she was asleep early Thursday when the mudslide pushed her duplex on Sausalito Boulevard about a block downhill before it slammed into another home. Firefighters arrived on the scene, and six of them worked to extricate her, she said. “They had to be careful with branches and wood and utility lines. These six guys kept me calm and kept digging me out,” she said. Gordon was transported to a hospital and later released. No one else was injured. “I lost everything in that slide. Everything. I lost Peaches,” she said, referring to her 2-year-old cat. District Fire Chief Chris Tubbs said Gordon was “extremely fortunate” to survive.