California Man Gets 15 Years for Plotting Terror Attacks—With Undercover Cops

A California man of Yemeni heritage has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for running Twitter, Facebook, and Gmail accounts for people he thought were ISIS supporters—but were actually undercover agents. Amer Alhaggagi was secretly recorded plotting to blow up courthouses, landmarks, and tourist attractions throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. His lawyers tried to get him a softer sentence by presenting him as an out-of-work, pot-smoking internet troll; one called him the “class clown.” Alhaggagi apologized after recordings and text messages that threatened to kill his Oakland neighbors were presented. “I find it hard to look and listen to all the horrible things I said to the undercover agent,” he said, adding: “I made myself look like a crazy person.” The judge rejected pleas for leniency, saying: “The most disturbing thing in Alhaggagi is the lack of empathy for others. That is chilling.”