California Doctor Dies in Chimney

It doesn't get much stranger than this: A California doctor trying to break into her “on again, off again” boyfriend’s home snuck down the chimney and got stuck there, where she died. Dr. Jacquelyn Kotarac, 49, wasn’t found for three days. Kotarac had tried to get into the home of her boyfriend, William Moodie, 58, with a shovel, and then climbed a ladder to the roof, where she slid feet first into the chimney. Meanwhile, Moodie slipped away unnoticed from another door, because he was hoping “to avoid confrontation.” Moodie’s housekeeper noticed a strange smell and fluids leaking from the chimney; she and her son looked in and found Kotarac’s body trapped about 2 feet above the opening to the fireplace. Kotarac’s cause of death hasn’t been determined, and though police don’t suspect foul play, they are looking into the event as suspicious.