Calif. Investigates Palin Contract

Are you hoping to book Sarah Palin? Take note: Students at Cal State Stanislaus discovered in a dumpster six pages of a contract sent to Palin’s handlers. Demands included: first or business-class travel, or a private jet no smaller than a Lear 60; two bottles of water at the lectern with bendable straws; and prescreened questions. There are plenty of people, apparently, willing to give into Palin’s demands: She’s made at least $12 million since resigning as governor of Alaska. It's also advisable to release financial details to the public. California State officials are under scrutiny for allegedly violating public-record laws by refusing to publish the financial details behind Palin's speaking contract. As California Attorney General Edmund G. Brown put it, "This is not about Sarah Palin. She has every right to speak at a university event[...] The issues are public disclosure and financial accountability in state-run universities[...] we owe it to the taxpayers to thoroughly check out every serious allegation."