Cairo Riots Kill At Least 24

At least 24 people were killed in Cairo Sunday during riots that broke out while Coptic Christians were protesting against the destruction of a church. The church in Merinab village was attacked after Mustafa al-Sayed, the governor of Aswan, said that it had been built without the required permission. The protesters, led by Coptic bishops, demanded that the church be reconstructed and that al-Sayed be removed. Military vehicles were set on fire in what Al Jazeera reporter Rawya Rageh described as “utter chaos.” Coptic Christians account for around 10 percent of Egypt’s population, and there have been frequent tension between them and the Muslim majority. The protests were the deadliest since former President Mubarak left office was ousted from power in February, and the cabinet will hold an emergency meeting on Monday. Prime Minister Essam Sharaf said the protesters had "brought us back" as the country is "scrambling" to gain its footing.