Cable News' Big Donors

Keith Olbermann may have been suspended from MSNBC, but for many other pundits who have given money to political campaigns, it’s still television as usual. A search of campaign finance records by Politico shows that other political talking heads, like Mike Huckabee and Sean Hannity of Fox News, along with Joe Scarborough (who hosts an MSNBC program), have all shelled out to support candidates. Scarborough, for instance, pledged $4,200 to Derrick Kitts’ congressional campaign in 2006, with the full consent of the network (he was hosting Scarborough Country at the time). “Joe sought permission in advance,” an MSNBC spokesman said. “Since 2007 we have recommitted ourselves to following these important standards.” But more recently, a $5,000 contribution for an Alabama state legislative candidate appeared in his name in April. Scarborough is claiming the donation should have been in his wife’s name.