CA Dems Tampered on Redistricting

California Democrats may have a scandal on their hands: After the state voted in 2010 to vest redistricting power in a citizens' commission, state Democrats held secret meetings to figure out how they might influence the commission to protect their incumbents. "Never say anything AT ALL about redistricting—no speculation, no predictions, NOTHING," wrote one Democratic aide in an email about a secret meeting between Democratic lawmakers. Democrats sent plans to several community meetings, including in one case a woman who claimed to come from an Asian community in the San Gabriel Valley who was, in fact, a lobbyist born in rural Idaho and residing at the time in Sacramento. Democrats were largely successful in 2010 in achieving their goals. "Every member of the Northern California Democratic Caucus has a ticket back to DC," read one Democratic memo when redistricting was nearly finished. "This is a huge accomplishment that should be celebrated by advocates throughout the region."