Bush: Kanye Criticism Was 'Lowest Point'

This was really the lowest moment of President George W. Bush’s time in office? In an excerpt from Matt Lauer’s pretaped interview that will air on Monday, Bush said among the most “disgusting” moments of his presidency was when rapper Kanye West said the former president “did not care about black people.” “I resent it, it’s not true, and it was one of the most disgusting moments of my presidency.” In his upcoming memoir, Decision Points, Bush writes that he can’t think of that moment – only days after hundreds of New Orleans residents died in the wake of Hurricane Katrina – “without feeling disgust” and it outranks all the criticism people levied against him about his financial policies or even the Iraq War. After pressing by Lauer, Bush agreed “the misery in Louisiana affected me deeply as well.” According to NBC, Bush also reveals White House bio-detectors indicated a potential botulism attack, and officials went so far as to test the air on lab mice.