Burmese Mark Year Since Giant Cyclone

The Associated Press has a searing report from Myanmar—a year after deadly Cyclone Nargis, which killed nearly 140,000 people. It's almost monsoon season again there, but the country's villagers are unprepared. "How are we going to survive if another strong wind comes?" asks one woman, who survived last year's storm by clinging to a coconut tree. "It was so dark and the sound of the water and wind was so terrifying. We heard people calling for help." Now, she said, "We have no solutions and no help." The tidal surge that swept through the fertile Irrawaddy delta turned 2 million acres of rice paddies into salt-contaminated wastelands, and many survivors still lack drinking water after wells were befouled. "Shelter is probably the number one challenge or difficulty faced by hundreds of thousands of families across the delta," says a spokesman for the U.N.'s World Food Program.