Bundys Nabbed, 1 Dead—But Militia Still Occupies

The FBI and Oregon State Police moved early Wednesday to “contain” all routes in and out of the federal Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, hours after authorities arrested militia leader Ammon Bundy and seven other members of an armed group that have occupied the facility since Jan. 2. Shots were fired during a confrontation with Bundy and his brother Ryan at a highway traffic stop late Tuesday, killing 55-year-old militia spokesman Robert “LaVoy” Finicum, according to The Oregonian, citing his daughter, who said police confirmed the death to her mother. Ryan Bundy suffered a minor gunshot wound during the confrontation. Brian Cavalier, 44, Shawna Cox, 59, and 32-year-old Ryan W. Payne were also arrested during the traffic stop. In a separate incident in the nearby town of Burns, police arrested Joseph Donald O’Shaughnessy, 45. Peter Santilli, an independent journalist who livestreamed events at the refuge, was also arrested and the FBI said they had an eighth person in custody in Peoria, Arizona, in connection to the occupation. Police said those arrested face a felony charge of conspiracy to impede federal officers. Ammon Bundy and his fellow occupiers were on their way to speak at a community meeting when they were stopped. Armed men continue to hold the Malheur facility, and officials will no only permit rancher landowners to pass through the new checkpoints.