Buffett Brushes Off Biographer

When Alice Schroeder began preparing her biography of Warren Buffett, The Snowball, she enjoyed complete access to the self-made man. Now the book, published last year, is a runaway best seller—but there has been “a cooling of relations” between the writer and the billionaire, The New York Times reports, and the yearly Berkshire Hathaway dinner that Schroeder used to emcee has been canceled altogether. The book offers details of Buffett’s open relationship with his late wife, Susan, and another woman, Astrid. (Upon Susan’s death, he married Astrid.) As Buffett put it, “Susie put me together, and Astrid keeps me together. They both need to give, and I’m a great receiver, so it works for them.” Apparently, everyone reading about the arrangement did not work for Buffett.