Buddy Roemer to Receive FEC Funds

Buddy Roemer, who is still—believe it or not—running for president, is now the first GOP candidate eligible for matching funds from the Federal Election Committee. The FEC offers $100,000 to any campaign that manages to raise $100,000 on its own through collecting $5,000 from 20 different states in individual donations of $250 or less. Not only is Roemer the only candidate to qualify, he's also apparently the only candidate to request matching funds from the FEC. Taking funds from the FEC can significantly help a campaign, such as Roemer's, that is raising relatively little on its own. But accepting the money includes putting limits on campaign spending. Back in 2008, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton both denied matching funds from the FEC, preferring to raise money independently. Then-presidential candidate John McCain did, however, take the funds.