Bruno Bares All For GQ

When men turn to this month’s GQ, they’ll find lists of tips on everything from grooming to fashion. But caveat emptor: the person doing the recommending is Brüno, Sacha Baron-Cohen’s latest incarnation as a gay Austrian fashionista. In his Jennifer Aniston-like all-nude photo shoot with the magazine, Bruno reveals his beauty secret: “ich sleep in a seaweed body wrap under a Zac Posen Navy-Cut Nightshirt. In mein dreams, ich sleep naked in a giant reed basket drifting slowly down ze Nile, cradled in ze arms of Daniel Radcliffe.” And for all men wondering what to do, um, down there, Bruno insists: “Manscaping ist important, but not as crucial as getting regular anal bleaching. If Brüno didn’t get his schmutziger arschenhaller bleached twice a month, his shtinker vould resemble Dizzy Gillespie during a trumpet solo.”