Ahead of Schedule

Brown Sworn In as Mass. Senator

Late Senator Ted Kennedy may have rolled over in his grave on Thursday as Vice President Biden swore in Scott Brown as the 41st Republican member of the Senate. Though Brown was originally scheduled to be inducted on February 11, his lawyer allegedly wrote a letter to the Massachusetts governor Wednesday asking for an earlier date so that the Senator-elect could participate in upcoming votes, a claim Brown denied Thursday. "I'm here to work," Brown told reporters upon arriving on Capitol Hill. He served as a Massachusetts state senator and representative for 10 years before being voted into the Senate and ending the Democratic supermajority. "Assuming that what is insisted upon is 60 votes in the United States Senate, no longer can one party alone hold its members and make progress on important issues for the American people," White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters Thursday. "That's why the president has asked again [for] the Democrats and Republicans to work together to make that progress."