Broadwell: ‘Shocker’ Petraeus Considered for Cabinet

Paula Broadwell, the former biographer for Gen. David Petraeus with whom she admitted to having an extramarital affair, said it was “a bit of shocker” for her to learn that Petraeus was being considered for a cabinet position in the incoming Donald Trump administration. In an interview on CBS This Morning, she lamented the double standard of how each should be able to go on with his or her life. “I was both shocked that I’m still in the tenuous position, and yet happy becuase I think he should be able to go on with his life,” Broadwell said. “He’s earned it, and so should his family. But then it begged the question of, ‘Why shouldn’t I be able to go on?’” Petraeus is currently on probation after a 2015 conviction for mishandling classified information. Broadwell said she sought a job with a bank, but was told that “it would be front page news if I got hired at the bank, and the bank wouldn’t want to deal with that.”