Hamas Killing

Brits Expel Israeli Diplomat

Britain expelled an Israeli diplomat Tuesday in response to the use of fake British passports in the assassination of a Hamas leader in Dubai, a plot that many suspect Israel was involved in. It's a rare move between friendly nations, but British Foreign Secretary David Milibrand said there were "compelling reasons" and that Israel's actions were "intolerable." Milibrand's comments on the House of Commons floor were mild compared to that of many other lawmakers, one of whom said the country was becoming a "rogue state." This month has been a difficult one for Israel's relations with the West; its government announced new Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem while U.S. Vice President Joe Biden was on an official visit, embarrassing Biden and infuriating the U.S. The Israelis responded to the diplomat's ejection with a short expression of regret and said the relationship between the two countries was "mutually important."