Across the Pond

British Race Now a Dead Heat

Britain is facing its most exciting election in years, after the second prime ministerial debate with conservative opposition leader David Cameron, Liberal Democrat nominee Nick Clegg, and Prime Minister and Labor candidate Gordon Brown. Polls taken at the end of the debate put Clegg and Cameron neck-in-neck, with Clegg winning three—including one narrowly—and Cameron winning two. Although Brown didn't win the debate by any account, according to a Guardian/ICM poll, he was still considered the best potential prime minister with 35 percent of the vote, beating out Cameron's 33 percent and Clegg's 26 percent. Brown admitted to his shortcomings during the debate, saying, "If it's all about style and PR, count me out. But if you want someone to make decisions, and with the judgment and plan for the future, I'm your man." Cameron appeared relaxed but failed to dominate Clegg, who held his own after a stunning performance in the first debate.