Across the Pond

British Leaders Clash in Debate

The leader of Britain’s Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg, was considered a long shot to the British Prime Ministry until he killed it in Britain’s first televised debate. Did he keep his momentum at the second debate on Thursday? The Guardian says "Nick Clegg tonight appeared to have scored a second success in the leaders' TV debates." One instant poll showed a majority of viewers thinking Clegg won the debate; another showed a plurality thinking he won; and a third had him finishing second to Tory leader David Cameron. Clegg called for Britain to rediscover its basic values: "human rights, democracy, the rule of law." He said, "The sad truth is that in recent years our governments, under the two old parties, have let those values down. We shouldn't have sent our troops into harm's way without the right equipment and decent pay. We shouldn't be facing allegations that we were complicit in torture. We shouldn't have invaded Iraq."