Bristol Palin Didn’t Vote

This ought to make things awkward at the next family gathering: Bristol Palin admitted Wednesday that she did not vote in Alaska’s highly contested Senate race—the one where her mom has a vested interest. The Dancing With the Stars contestant, 20 years old, is in Los Angeles taping the show, but she said she did not send in an absentee ballot. “I’m going to be in trouble,” she admitted. “Sorry Mom!” Bristol’s mother, Sarah Palin, had weighed heavily in Alaska’s race, throwing her support behind Joe Miller rather than incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowski. Although Miller won the Republican primary in September, Palin foe Murkowski stayed in—and the three-way race will not be decided for weeks, when all the ballots are counted. Bristol promised to be more diligent and vote should her mother run for president in 2012, saying, “I know she is great, and she is great for our country.”