Bridgegate Witness: Christie and Cuomo Were in Cahoots

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo allegedly conspired with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on how to cover up the aftermath of the so-called “Bridgegate” scandal, according to court testimony. Former Port Authority official David Wildstein testified Tuesday that following the retributive George Washington Bridge lane closures, Cuomo and Christie agreed to release a report whitewashing the details of the incident. Wildstein has reportedly admitted that he was the mastermind behind the political scheme, and he said that Cuomo’s administration even allegedly told Port Authority officials to “lay off” Christie following the scandal. Two other officials evidently told Wildstein about the collusion between the two governors. According to his testimony, the two governors’ planned report was to claim the closures were caused by a traffic study commissioned by New Jersey officials and a resulting breakdown in communication between local governments.