Brewers Pitcher Josh Hader ‘Deeply Sorry’ for Racist Tweets

Josh Hader—a relief pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers—has apologized for the series of hate-filled racist, sexist, and homophobic comments he made on Twitter before deleting his account. The shocking comments, made in 2011 and 2012, surfaced during the All-Star Game on Tuesday night. They make frequent use of the N-word and included one that said bluntly: “I hate gay people.” Following the game, Hader said : “I was 17 years old, and as a child I was immature, and obviously I said some things that were inexcusable. That doesn’t reflect on who I am as a person today.” He tried to explain the context of the tweets, saying: “I’m sure it was some lyrics, some rap lyrics being tweeted. I really don’t know exactly what’s out there.” According to Yahoo Sports reporter Jeff Passan, during the game—as the tweets were being circulated—some members of Hader’s family took off their All-Star replica jerseys and replaced them and with generic ones that didn't feature his name on the back.