Bret Michaels Suffers Brain Hemorrhage

Poison frontman and reality-television staple Bret Michaels was rushed to the hospital late Thursday night after suffering a brain hemorrhage, People magazine reported Friday. The 47-year-old rock star had complained of a severe headache earlier in the evening, according to the magazine’s source. Doctors later determined that he had suffered a massive subarachnoid hemorrhage. The insider reports that the former Rock of Love and current Celebrity Apprentice star is in critical condition. “After several CAT scans, MRIs and an angiogram, [doctors] decided to keep Michaels in the ICU and are running several tests to determine the cause,” the source explained. “[It] will be touch and go for the next few days while he is under intense observation.” This marks the second hospital stay in a month for Michaels, who underwent an emergency appendectomy on April 12 and also suffers from diabetes. There is no word, however, on whether the hemorrhage is related to his earlier appendectomy or his diabetes.