Breitbart’s Final Bomb May Be a Bust

After gleeful conservative grenade-chucker Andrew Breitbart passed away at age 43, rumors abounded that his untimely death may have had something to do with an announcement he made weeks earlier at CPAC to the effect that he had politically compromising videos from President Obama’s days as an Ivy Leaguer. Now, BuzzFeed reports that they may have dug up the video, posting a clip that shows Obama as the president of the Harvard Law Review speaking in support of a professor’s diversity protest at the school. The post said that the full video will be aired on Fox’s The Sean Hannity Show Wednesday night. Compounding the sense that the video may turn out to be a dud, however, is the fact that portions of the clip as posted by BuzzFeed appeared in a PBS Frontline documentary titled ‘Dreams of Obama’ that first aired in January, 2009.