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Breakfast with Lance

There’s no napping for cycling champ Lance Armstrong: Just weeks after finishing third in the Tour de France, the 37-year-old is gearing up to ride in Saturday's Leadville Trail 100 in Colorado, arguably the second most important race in the world. "The Tour was the training camp for Leadville," Armstrong joked over breakfast with an editor from Outside magazine. (The champ eats Nutella for his morning pick-me-up, by the way.) When he's not training, Armstrong's settling into his new life in Aspen with his girlfriend and their eight-week-old son, Max. He's also continuing to helm his nonprofit LiveStrong foundation—which he says has, remarkably, been spared from economic downturn. And he's gaming out next year's Tour. "I don’t necessarily need to win the Tour, win the Ironman, or run 2:20 in a marathon," he said. "It’s also about what we do at the foundation and with the team. People look at that and think, Man, look at any other retired cyclist; they’re damn sure not out there doing that."