Brain Damage From KFC Twister?

Monika Sumaan, an 11-year-old Australian girl, is suing fast-food restaurant KFC for AUS$10 million (nearly US$8.5 million) over brain damage and quadriplegia caused by salmonella she contracted from eating at a Sydney outlet in 2005. According to the girl's father, Monika, then 7 years old, became infected with salmonella encephalopathy and salmonella septicemia after eating a contaminated Chicken Twister (fried chicken in a pita). Her parents and brother were also sick after sharing her Twister, her father testified in court this week, but his mother, who did not eat the Twister, did not become ill (all other family members recovered). Mr. Sumaan said he felt like "any father who sees his daughter is dying in front of him." Though Monika did not die, she sustained severe brain and liver damage, and is now confined to a wheelchair with spastic quadriplegia.