What's Next?

BP Plans Risky Step to Contain Spill

With its "top kill" procedure dead in the water, BP is looking at new ways to contain the oil leak, which White House officials warn could continue through August. Next up, a plan to divert the oil into a pipe leading to the surface. But the procedure is not without risks—it could increase oil flow by up to 20 percent, the Los Angeles Times reports. Administration officials say the top kill effort to clog the leak was stopped in part due to fears the pressure buildup could severely worsen the situation, White House energy adviser Carol Browner told CBS. In an ominous sign of the economic impact of the spill, The Washington Post reports that Gulf Coast towns that normally thrive on tourism over the Memorial Day weekend are seeing more military vehicles than visitors. On Tuesday, President Obama will sit down with former Sen. Bob Graham of Florida and former Environmental Protection Agency administrator William Reilly. The two men were named co-chairs of the presidential commission looking into how to prevent another oil catastrophe.