Bad Decisions

BP Culture Was A Failure: Commission

President Obama’s newly created Oil Spill Commission had blunt and harsh words for BP as a company as it prepares its final report and assessments for the president, due in January. Investigators for the panel have unearthed evidence that shows that the company employs a “culture of complacency” rather than a “culture of safety”. In a recent discovery, investigators found that BP and Transocean staff conducted pressure tests on the oil rig hours before it exploded. The tests proved that there was a major pressure concern with the rig, but the team concluded the test a success two hours before it exploded. The committee cited specific examples of cutting corners, disregarding safety concerns and the desperate need for top-to-bottom reform within the BP Transocean company. On Tuesday, the chief counsel of the panel publicly said that BP did not make a “a conscious decision" to cut corners and save money. “They didn't rule out cost, just said they weren't prepared to attribute mercenary motives to men who cannot speak for themselves because they are not alive," said William K. Reilly, co-chairman of the commission.