Boston Red Sox Mookie Betts Says He Won’t Visit White House with Team

Boston Red Sox slugger Mookie Betts says he will not go to the White House with his team in May to celebrate their World Series win. Betts was asked about his plans at a dinner Saturday night where he was honored as the American League MVP, according to the Boston Globe. “I won’t be going there,” Betts said. “I decided not to.” The outfielder did not elaborate or explain his decision, but he is not the only Sox planning to be a no-show; Rafael Devers has also said he won’t attend, telling reporters, “The opportunity was presented and I just wasn't compelled to go.” At least three other players are undecided about the visit, while other Red Sox have said they intend to make the trip. The visit was originally scheduled for next month but was postponed during the government shutdown. “I’m not sure it’s appropriate to be celebrating in such a public way while there’s people who are struggling right now,” Sox President Sam Kennedy said then.