Bomber Targets NATO HQ in Kabul

Days before Afghanistan's presidential election, a "massive" suicide car bomb went off outside the U.S. military and NATO headquarters in Kabul. The attack killed at least seven people and wounded dozens, making it the city's largest attack since February, when the Taliban targeted three government buildings. The explosion set cars aflame, crumbled concrete walls, and broke windows in buildings hundreds of yards from the explosion, The Washington Post reports. There was also damage to residential buildings inside the U.S.'s military compound, though no Americans appeared to be seriously hurt. The Taliban has claimed credit for the attack, saying it was meant to kill Americans and disrupt the upcoming presidential election. "As long as foreign troops are in this country and they consider us the enemy, we will do these attacks," said Zabiullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesman. "They bomb us and we will kill them through suicide bombs. Nobody can stop us."