‘Bomb Factory’ Found in CA Home

The arrest of an unemployed software engineer in San Diego Tuesday for two bank robberies led to an unexpected discovery: the largest-ever bounty of homemade explosives found in the U.S. George Djura Jakubec’s stash included eight pounds of the homemade explosive HMTD, nine detonators, and 13 unfilled homemade grenades with attached shrapnel. Similar explosives were used in the July 7, 2005 bombing in London and the attempted Christmas Day terrorist attack. Police said Jakubec, 54, wore a Halloween mask to rob a Bank of America on June 25, then allegedly committed the same crime at another Bank of America branch, this time clean-shaved and wearing a floppy straw hat and sunglasses—earning the nickname the “Geezer Bandit.” Jakubec’s wife Marian, from whom he had recently separated, told the San Diego Union-Tribune she is “afraid for my husband’s mental state.” Jakubec pled not guilty to all charges; if convicted, he could face up to 40 years in prison.