Bolton: Someone Must Be Held ‘Accountable’ for Havana ‘Sonic’ Attacks

National Security Adviser John Bolton told the Miami Herald the U.S. is seeking to hold someone “accountable” for the mysterious attacks that affected U.S. diplomats working in Havana. “I think it’s very important that somebody must be held accountable for what happened to our diplomats,” Bolton told the newspaper. It is still unclear who, or what, was behind the attacks that caused 21 people to suffer brain injuries—but Bolton said there was “no conceivable theory” that would point to the incidents being “accidental.” “We are not satisfied with the performance of the government of Cuba respecting their security, so we are going to take a very careful look at that and make some decisions,” he said. Bolton also confirmed the White House was “seriously” considering allowing U.S. citizens to sue for land previously confiscated from them by the Castro government and said the U.S. was also thinking about implementing other sanctions against the Cuban government. “Sometimes people argue that relaxing sanctions will directly help the people of Cuba or other countries,” he said. “Unfortunately, the consequence has really been to help the government and its ability to stay in power.”