Bollywood Star Salman Khan Gets Bail in Endangered Species Poaching Case

Salman Khan, a Bollywood star whose arrest on poaching charges earlier this week has sparked an uproar in India, was granted bail on Saturday just two days after his arrest. Khan, 52, was found guilty on Thursday of breaking wildlife laws by killing an endangered species of antelope while shooting a film in 1998. The conviction came after several earlier poaching-related cases against the actor for the decades-old film ended in acquittals or were overturned. Khan, who was also cleared in a 2002 hit-and-run case that left at least one dead, has vowed to appeal the latest charges after being granted bail on Saturday. Fans gathered outside the star’s home in Mumbai and the courthouse in Jodhpur to celebrate his release from jail, reportedly setting off firecrackers in a show of support.