Bolivian Air-Traffic Official Seeks Asylum in Brazil Over Soccer-Team Crash

A Bolivian air-traffic controller who warned of inconsistencies in the flight plan of the charter plane that crashed in Colombia last week has asked for asylum in Brazil. Celia Castedo, who worked at the Bolivian aviation agency that approved the doomed Nov. 28 flight, reportedly told Brazilian authorities the crash would have been avoided had her warnings been heeded in Bolivia. Flight-plan documents published by Bolivian media show Castedo had complained about its irregularities, including a lack of excess fuel for the flight to Medellin. The Castedo news came the same day that Bolivian investigators arrested the airline’s CEO and two other officials, citing their possible “criminal failure to follow safety procedures;” Bolivian government minister Carlos Romero was cited by the AP as saying Castedo left Bolivia illegally and must be sent back, as she is “escaping the judicial system.” In a Facebook message, Castedo’s son, Sebastian Castedo, told the AP that the truth “will come later by authorities other than those in Bolivia.” The crash triggered a shakeup in Bolivia’s aviation agency, with an investigation launched and several high-ranking officials suspended.