On the Hill

Boehner: Deal Is 'All Cuts'

The debt-ceiling deal between President Obama and congressional leaders once again puts the spotlight on House Speaker John Boehner: Can he get his caucus to pass the bill, or does he need to try to woo House Democrats? “There is nothing in this framework that violates our principles," he told his caucus Sunday. "It’s all spending cuts. The White House bid to raise taxes has been shut down.” It’s unclear if Republicans, who passed Boehner’s previous plan by just two votes, will remain on board, although there were no signs of revolt in Boehner’s call to his caucus. Still, it’s likely he’ll need the votes of some moderate Democrats. Twenty House Democrats have sent a letter to Boehner and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi demanding they name the members of a committee that will be charged with coming up with more deficit reduction.