Body Found in NY Boat Crash

Authorities in Piermont, New York, said on Sunday they have a recovered a body that they believe is Mark Lennon, the 30-year-old best man aboard a boat that crashed on Friday night and likely took the life of the bride-to-be. The boat carrying members of a wedding party struck a barge near the Tappen Zee Bridge. A body believed to be the bride, Lindsey Stewart, 30, has already been recovered, and the groom-to-be, Brian Bond, 36, is currently hospitalized from his injuries. The boat's driver, described as an acquaintance of the couple, was injured and has been charged with vehicular manslaughter and other charges—and police believe there is probable cause that he was intoxicated. Stewart and Bond, who Stewart’s stepfather said were childhood sweethearts, had been set to marry in two weeks.