Bodies Left Out at Ark. Funeral Home

Arkansas authorities voted Wednesday to suspend the license of a funeral home director who allegedly left bodies stacked up outside a cooler. The Arkansas Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors voted unanimously to suspend LeRoy Wood and Arkansas Funeral Care in Jacksonville after an embalmer at the facility filed a complaint that alleged the bodies were “stacked on top of each other outside the cooler.” The embalmer, Mike Jones, also detailed other infractions, including blood on the walls. Authorities launched an investigation this month and found that the cooler held about 25 bodies, including one stacked on top of another, while another body outside the cooler was leaking fluids on the floor. Jeff Smith, the president of the Arkansas Funeral Directors Association, said in a statement Wednesday, “Funeral professionals of Arkansas feel a great deal of sympathy for the families involved and our member funeral homes are ready to assist.”