Health Care

Blue Dogs Reach Compromise

Has Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman thrown the Blue Dog Dems a bone? According to Politico, "Waxman has cut a deal to reconvene his committee and vote on the Democrats' sweeping health care bill, with a goal of completing work by the time lawmakers leave town for the summer on Friday." Rep. Mike Ross of Arkansas, speaking for the Blue Dogs, said that the committee will begin debating the bill Wednesday afternoon. According to CNN, "Ross said the deal between four Blue Dogs on the House committee, the House Democratic leadership and the White House lowers the cost of the House health care reform plan by $100 billion and also exempts businesses with payrolls below $500,000 from having to provide health coverage for workers." Also, "the bill's government-funded public insurance option—a key provision for President Obama and Democratic leaders—would be a choice for consumers instead of coverage forced on people without health insurance." According to the Associated Press, a floor vote isn't expected until September.