Bloomberg Stll Denies 2012 Run

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is perfectly happy to keep denying he’s running for president. The perennial speculation about a Bloomberg run is flamed by the mayor’s frequent visits to Washington, even as its dampened by the impolitic things he says when he’s there—on Tuesday, he told the Wall Street Journal CEO Council, regarding the bad economics of treating every disease, “You’re going to die.” But he’s similarly clear minded when it comes to his presidential prospects, saying that he’d only be a spoiler because party affiliation is so strong. But he’s not exactly doing much to kill the speculation. In addition to his frequent trips to the Capitol, he campaigned for candidates in the last election and has hired several staffers from the 2008 Clinton and Obama campaigns. The constant rumors about a presidential bid give the mayor political clout with which to push his causes, such as gun control and more lenient immigration reform.