Mea Culpa

Blankfein Says Emails Were 'Callous'

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein sat at Charlie Rose's table Friday night to explain the emails sent by his employees, which have been scoured over by the press in recent weeks, and described them as "callous." “There were some emails where some people were projecting I would say, at best indifference, and at worst a callousness,” Blankfein said, adding, “It’s inexcusable if 10 people think that way or thought that way.” The Wall Street behemoth is not just facing heat from the court of public opinion over seemingly deceptive trading practices. Now, in addition to a SEC investigation, a criminal inquiry has been opened by federal prosecutors. Blankfein knocked down the notion that the bank's bets served a social purpose. “You could call it a casino, but if it is, it’s a very socially important casino,” he said.