Blair Cancels London Book Signing

Someone has cold feet: 300 protesters pelted former British Prime Minister Tony Blair with eggs and shoes as he arrived for a book signing Sunday in Dublin. Although Blair wasn't hit during his first signing for his memoir, A Journey, the former British PM decided to cancel Wednesday's upcoming central London book signing amid protest fears from the Stop the War coalition and, potentially, the British National Party. Speaking on ITV1's Daybreak show, Blair said, "To be frank about it, I am concerned. I do not want to put everyone through a lot of cost and hassle on this Wednesday's signing so I am thinking about that." He added, "It is sad at the same time, frankly. If people want to have a book signed, people should protest but not try and physically prevent you doing it." In Blair's autobiography, he details, among other things, just how far he stretched the truth during negotiations for peace in Northern Ireland. The book has already shot to the top of Amazon's bestseller list in the United Kingdom. When Blair was asked during the ITV1 interview whether or not he would return to politics, he said, "I don't know actually because I am sure it would be very difficult for me to play a part here."