Blago Book Deal Blocked

We hope you didn’t already preorder Rod Blagojevich’s upcoming book: “The same state Senate that drove ex-Gov. Blagojevich from office moved Thursday to block him from cashing in on his notoriety, but doubts began to grow over the plan's legality.” The Senate voted unanimously, 59-0, to pass the Elected Officials Misconduct Forfeiture Act, which will prevent him from making money on book or television deals. If the governor signs it, it “would authorize the attorney general to launch a lawsuit against Blagojevich, after a criminal conviction, to claim ‘all proceeds traceable to the elected official's offense’ on behalf of the state. Those funds could then be deposited into the state's general checking account or a county's corporate fund,” according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Blago’s publicist said, “This is patently unconstitutional.”