Black Man Lawfully Carrying Gun Tackled

In Florida, it’s OK to carry a concealed weapon with a permit into a store—unless you’re black. Clarence Daniels, who is black, was tackled by Michael Foster, who is white, moments after stepping into his local Wal-Mart. Foster said he spotted Daniels exiting his vehicle with a concealed weapon then followed him into the store, tackled him, and put him in a chokehold. “He’s got a gun!” Foster shouted, according to police. Daniels responded multiple times that he had a permit, but the two continued to struggle. “Unfortunately he tackled a guy that was a law-abiding citizen,” sheriff’s spokesman Larry McKinnon said. “We understand it’s alarming for people to see other people with guns, but Florida has a large population of concealed-weapons permit holders.” Foster was charged with battery.