Bin Laden Found?

Has a professor at UCLA accomplished what the CIA hasn’t? Thomas Gillespie and a team of reserachers claim to have tracked down Osama Bin Laden to one of three compounds in a town in northwest Pakistan using mathematical models. The team determined his probable location by examining his habitat requirements—high ceilings because he's 6’4”, electricity for dialysis, spare rooms for bodyguards, and trees to hide prying eyes. Furthermore, using patterns of how animal species spread, the team says he should be close to where he was last spotted in a large town with a culture similar to Afghanistan in which he can remain anonymous. Parachinar, 12 miles inside Pakistan is the obvious choice, and there are only three compounds inside it that meet Bin Laden's requirements. Researchers said they could repeat the process using fresh intelligence from the military, while a Texas State University expert who has helped the military find terrorists before called the results "somewhat overconfident."